Frequently Asked Questions

My mother left me a ring. I want to change it into something I can wear. Can you do that?

Absolutely! We work with you to create an ideal custom piece of jewelry that you will love. You can have the memories and have a treasure that you can enjoy!

I saw a bracelet that I love, but it is in gold. Can you do it in platinum?

We can do custom work in whatever metal you choose.

I have an idea for a pendant that I want to give to my wife. I’ve never seen anything like it. Can you make it?

Yes. This type of custom work is our specialty.

I’ve gained weight. Other jewelers say they will hammer out my ring and the shank will be thinner. What would you do?

We cut the ring and add more metal, then blend it together so that you can not tell the repair has been done. Your band stays the original thickness and is smooth. We take care to ensure that the stones remain secure.

What if I have a custom ring with a pattern in it? How would you enlarge that?

We would talk about what you want. There are many ways that a ring can be enlarged, including inserting a stone or other decorative accent.

My ring is fragile. Other jewelers have refused to touch it. Wouldn’t you say the same thing?

No. At Luster Point, we have a high level of expertise in working with jewelry of all forms, even platinum. We can easily handle jobs in our shop that other jewelers refuse or would send out.

Everything I see on jewelry websites looks the same. I want something unique to give my spouse. What can I do?

Call. Talk to us. Custom jewelry is our specialty. Tell us about your spouse and what you want to celebrate. We’ll give you ideas of what can be done.

Is it safe to ship my jewelry to you?

Yes! Call us and we’ll give you specific instructions on how to ship it.

It looks like something is written in your logo. What is it?

Family is important. I designed that logo to show that the most precious jewel in my life is my children. The jewel is formed from their names: Sean and Michael.


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