50 Years of Romance

A gentleman came in one day to change a watch battery and mentioned very casually that his 50th year wedding anniversary was coming up. He asked me to create something gorgeous with a one carat round brilliant diamond in it. I designed and made this 18k yellow gold solid heart from scratch with a number 50 in the middle of it and 1 carat diamond set inside the zero. He loved it.

While I was creating the heart, a woman came in and ordered a men’s ring with five diamonds in it for her husband. She wanted it to be a surprise for their 50th wedding anniversary. She was delighted by the ring.

They were both delighted and surprised with their anniversary presents.

This couple had no idea what they were going to get at the end, as both asked me to create something unique, just for them. That is called trust! Of course this beautiful love story is part of the joy of Luster Point Jewelers!!! I appreciate them and will never forget the joy of creating these unique pieces for them as long as I live.